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Making connections and bridging the gap between new acts and the UK market

All too often an act new to the UK market can struggle finding their first gigs and setting initial meetings with prospective PR companies, pluggers, publishers and labels. Showcasing at music conferences can be hit and miss. Grabbing five minute meetings can seem too. PR and pluggers will want to see a live show before making a decision; promoters will want to know who is handling press and plugging to ensure an audience - thus an impasse can follow.

Sarah Thirtle, director of Fantastic Artist Booking Agency, realised there was a need for a service to bridge this gap, to facilitate the introduction of acts based outside - or up and coming acts within - to the right sectors in the UK music industry.

"All too often I get sent amazing music by an act, but they'll be from France or Canada or Norway, looking for shows in the UK," explains Sarah. "At the same time they ask me about advice on PR companies and labels for their record. Rather than offer piecemeal advice I realised I could put together a much more comprehensive service."

Drawing on 10 years of experience from promoting, artist management and booking, FABA Consultancy will provide a bespoke service which can make introductions with key individuals and companies in targeted sectors of the UK music industry with a view to the act/client building their team. Targeted, flexible campaigns - from collecting contacts and information to bespoke full-scale service and introductions - will be tailored to each act's/client's budget and timescale.

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Current clients:
Eple Trio (Norway)
Elsie (UK)
Past clients/projects:

Red Stripe Music Awards
PRS for Music
Arising Artists
Twenty First Artists
British Council